UD Brow

Short description

Waterproof Brow Mousse

Short description

Waterproof Brow Mousse

  • 17205 Dhalia
  • 17206 Carnaby Orchid
  • 17207 Maple Lily
  • 17208 Chocolate Cosmo
  • 17209 Cinnamon Daisy
  • 17210 Hydrangea Taupe

We are excited to introduce our new Ultra Defined Brow Mousse. 
This groundbreaking formula easily fills, sculpts, and defines brows to achieve those perfect arches.

Did we mention its WATERPROOF! That's right! This baby will not budge. 

Exercising, sweating, or even swimming on the first date! No problem. ;)

The formula’s light, airy consistency allows the product to smoothly glide onto brows and blend seamlessly—no worries about harsh lines or waxy build-up. The best part, this product is vegan-friendly and gluten-free! 


How To Apply:

Using our Custom Sculpt & Fluff Duo Brush gently dip into UD mousse and glide onto brows, fill in as desired. 

Quick Tip: using hair-like strokes fill in any sparse areas for a natural look. 
UD Brow should not be disturbed or rubbed when wet. Pat dry if swimming or wet. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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0.16oz (5ml)