How long does it take for my products to arrive?

Orders are processed within 1 to 2 days from our office. Once, processed we will send out a tracking number to you to track your order.

How much our products contain?

All lipstick collections: 3 mL
Vanishing Potion Dose of Rose & Coconut Concoction: 15 mL
Till Midnight Elix’r: 9 mL
Crystallized Glitter: 3.5 grams
Pro Artist body liners: 7 mL

Order Verifications

Orders with different billing/shipping addresses and/or over $100 will need to be verified by the customer before they are shipped out. Once the order is processed, we will contact the customer via e-mail and telephone (if applicable). To avoid delay on shipments, we encourage customers to place the order using the same billing and shipping address, or by paying via Paypal Express

Clearing Your Browser Cache

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