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  • Angels X Sinners Story Book...

    Price $288.00

    ANGELS: Conquer the fight against evil with our Sinfully Angelic lip glosses! A unique formula that delivers high shine without that icky sticky feel.

    SINNERS: Our Wickedly Divine lippie is so light and comfortable, you will not notice that your immersion into the darkness has already begun. Being bad never felt so good.

  • Wickedly Divine "Madam M"...

    Price $40.00

    Completely reformulated to deliver the SOFTEST wear on the Market.

    This bundle includes: 14909 (Bloodthirst) 14910 (Vengeance) 14911 (Death Dealer)

  • Glamour Garden LE Collection

    Price $69.00

    Fashioniser- This everyday color is meant to compliment any style. Trends come and go but this color is forever.

    90’s Girl- This color is inspired by her favorite era, the 90s , when glam was reinvented and supermodels ruled the world!

    Katarina- This shade is inspired by Katarina's exotic travels and is meant to help manifest the vacation of your dreams.

    Glamarella- Inspired by Bougainvillea, Katarina's garden favorite, this sexy and energetic color will add the right amount of glamour to any look.